The New Chippewa Super Logger II

Chippewa® Super Logger

In 1997, after many years of research and development, Chippewa® released the Super Logger, championed and named by one of its very own employees. The Super Logger has come to be the gold standard in logger boots.  From its iconic look, incredible durability and instant comfort the Super Logger introduced many new features in a logger boot that is worn by millions. Built in America by American hands the Super Logger is not only functional but fashionable.  The ground breaking technology of the Super Logger is complimented by its beautiful silhouette.  The Super Logger can be seen on the feet of loggers, industrial workers, contractors, electricians, carpenters, truck drivers, motorcycle riders and even men on their wedding day, the wedding party and high school boys going to the prom.

The best logger just got better

In 2016, Chippewa introduced the New Super Logger II, and it was named by the same employee that named the original Super Logger.  The Super Logger II comes packed with new technology, features and improvements that provide even more durability, comfort and function when compared to the original Super Logger.  You may be wondering, who is the employee that is behind these world renowned loggers?  Well, he wishes to remain anonymous but we will tell you he is our Chippewa Rep and has been doing business with Sensible Shoe for over 30 years.  So, why is this important? He has been crucial in the development of the original Super Logger and Super Logger II because he is Chippewa’s eyes and ears on the ground.  Every week he is collecting feedback from retailers like Sensible Shoe who sell Super Logger boots, he relays the information back to Chippewa research and development and in turn they build a boot with features that are tailored based on what you the customer are telling us.  Learn about the new Super Logger II below, its new features, technology and improvements when compared to the Original Super Logger.  Stop in today at Sensible Shoe and try on a pair to see and feel the improvements for yourself.

Vibram® Street Warrior sole

The new Chippewa Super Logger II comes with a Vibram® Street Warrior TC-4 (Traction Compound 4) sole. The Street Warrior sole provides excellent slip, oil and heat resistant properties in the harshest work environments. The cleat configuration on the Vibram® Street Warrior sole is specifically designed to offer the most durability in any logger boot.

Composite Safety Toe

Safety toe models of the New Super Logger II come equipped with a composite safety toe.  The composite toe is specifically made for Chippewa by the only remaining US manufacturer that makes this type of product.  The composite toe meets “Comfort Toe” specs established by Chippewa.  These specs include being slightly wider and deeper for more toe room.  The composite material is environmentally neutral and does not take in heat or cold.

Vibram® Protect-Toe

The new Super Logger II is the first of its kind to come with a Vibram® toe cap.  The Toe cap was specifically designed by Vibram® for the new Super Logger.  The toe cap has the same sole material as the extremely durable Vibram® Street Warrior sole that comes on the boot.

Dri-Lex® Waffle Sorona Lining

The Dri-Lex® Waffle Sorona Lining of the new Super Logger II is extremely durable and wicks away perspiration and moisture at a far faster rate when compared to the Dri-Lex® Power Dry lining that comes in the original Super Logger.  The Dri-Lex® Waffle Sorona Lining is designed to keep your feet more comfortable and dry during long work days.

Ortholite® Comfort Insole

The insole in the new Super Logger II is made with an Ortholite® dual density orthotic placed on top of a cushioned poron/texon Insole for double comfort. The new Ortholite® Comfort Insole holds 4 times the value compared to the insert that comes in the original Super Logger. The differences are immediately noticeable when you slip your foot into the new Super Logger II.

Kevlar® Infused Waxed Laces

Chippewa’s goal of providing you with the most advanced and durable Logger doesn’t stop with the boot itself.  The new Super Logger II comes with Kevlar® infused waxed laces.  Kevlar® is an extremely durable material that can hold up for long periods and withstand friction from being laced up multiple times without ripping or tearing the material.  Kevlar® laces hold 2.5 times more value than the standard waxed laces that come in the original Super Logger.

Original Kush-n Kollar

The Kush-n Kollar in the new Super Logger II is the original 1975 patent and trademark Kollar.  The Kush-n Kollar is designed to reduce fatigue and stress in the tendons and muscles around the calf area providing more comfort to your legs and lower back.  The original Super Logger comes with a modified Kush-n Kollar.

Super Logger II Pattern

The new Super Logger II comes with a modified lace to toe pattern, having an additional eyelet when compared to the original Super Logger.  The additional eyelet gives the boot a more foot forming pattern which provides a more snug fit and additional stability.

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