Over 100 years and 4 generations of our family has provided specialized footwear services to our customers.

It all started with Greg Fineberg’s grandfather, Sam, and continued with his father, Max. In 1982 Greg Fineberg opened his 5000 square foot family footwear shoe store on Woodstock Avenue in Rutland Town. Carrying on the family tradition Joben and Nate Fineberg, Greg’s sons, are now managing the daily operations of the family business while Greg is enjoying his semi-retirement status. Our decades of footwear industry knowledge, our high level of customer service and our extensive selection of over 100 top rated footwear brands make Sensible Shoe the ultimate destination for the entire family. Over the years the shoes have changed but the Fineberg family philosophy of helping our customers find the best shoes at the best price in a comfortable atmosphere remains the same.

The Shoe Man

Pictured is an image of Samuel Fineberg’s business card, a true piece of Rutland Vermont history. Sam started the Fineberg family legacy January 24, 1907.

S. Fineberg the Shoe Man

Ronay's Famous Shoes

Continuing the tradition and starting the 2nd generation Fineberg Family footwear store in Rutland, Max Fineberg opened Ronay’s Famous Shoes in downtown Rutland in 1941. Sadly, business came to an abrupt end December 23rd, 1979 when vagrants broke into an upstairs apartment breaking a sprinkler head, flooding Max’s store and destroying all of the inventory, that would be the last day Ronay’s Famous Shoes was open.

Sensible Shoe

Three years later in 1982, Greg Fineberg, Max’s son opened Sensible Shoe, making him the 3rd generation of the Fineberg family to own and operate a family footwear store in Rutland Vermont. After 40 years of working full time in family owned and operated footwear businesses Greg made the decision to work part time in 2015. His two sons, Joben and Nathan Fineberg now manage the daily operations of Sensible Shoe while Greg is enjoying semi-retirement status making them the 4th generation of Fineberg family footwear stores in Rutland, Vermont.