Footwear Stretching

We offer stretching services for width and toe box tightness on just about any style of footwear. With our specialized footwear stretching tools we can target specific bunion and hammer toe irritation areas.

Free if item was purchased from Sensible Shoe.
$10 if purchased from another location.

Footwear Reconditioning

We offer multiple footwear reconditioning services including:

  • Reconditioning leathers.
  • Oiling and waterproofing work boots and shoes.
  • Polishing footwear.
  • Cleaning white EVA on shoes.

Ranges from $10 – $20.

Footwear Repair / Modifications

We offer minor footwear repair services and a variety of footwear modifications to help achieve the perfect fit.

  • Outsole gluing
  • Tongue gluing
  • Small rubber boot tear & hole patching
  • Arch install
  • Foam taps
  • Heel grips
  • Volume and space reduction (good if you have different sized feet and the smaller one feels roomy.)

Ranges from $10 – $30.